To whom it may concern:

I am writing the letter as a testimonial to the knowledge, skill and character of Ken Neuman and Leif Anderson. I am the general counsel at a privately held energy company in Michigan. In 2003 my company became the major investor in the acquisition of a business that we would not operate. The structure of the company and the formation and operational documents were prepared by outside counsel and accountants. Under the structure they created the operating company was treated as a “disregarded entity” and tax was paid by the members on distributions rather than by the operating company. Some six years later, when we were looking at exiting the investment, we discovered that the tax structure implemented and followed year after year by accountants, auditors and tax preparer’s was totally wrong and this resulted in huge tax issues and a loss of tens of millions of dollars in enterprise value.

I spent many months searching for an attorney who had the accounting, tax, audit and litigation experience to handle my case and would not be afraid to take on large and generally well respected accounting and legal firms such as the ones involved here. That lead me to Ken Neuman, a C.P.A. attorney with many years of accounting and malpractice litigation experience.

Ken and his partner Leif Anderson guided us through a five year battle with the malpractice defendants, which involved literally dozens of depositions, hundreds of thousands of pages of documents and complicated expert testimony from tax, accounting, auditing and legal experts. I personally attended almost every one of those depositions, hearings and worked closely with Ken and Leif on pleadings and documents, so I have a very thorough understanding of what was involved in this case. Through a tenacious litigation strategy and motion practice Ken was able to negotiate a very significant but confidential settlement that was contributed to by all defendants.

I could not give a higher recommendation to anyone than I would give to Ken and Leif for handling this type of claim and litigation. I hope that this will be helpful to anyone reading this who may need to pursue this type of claim. If you choose this firm I am confident that you will be in good hands and will maximize your chances of  success.
Charles E. Henderson

Dart Energy Corporation