Neuman Anderson Grieco McKenney, P.C., maintains an office in Las Vegas, Nevada, with an emphasis on handling personal injury claims of any type for clients in the Las Vegas area who are injured due to a slip and fall, food contamination, auto or other related vehicle injury or medical malpractice. Jennifer Grieco is licensed to practice law in Nevada and gained extensive experience handling personal injury claims at one of the premier plaintiffs’ personal injury and medical malpractice firms in Michigan before joining our firm. She has also defended these types of claims numerous times and has a keen perspective for how insurance companies evaluate claims and the ways in which to maximize an insurance recovery. Although the Las Vegas office focuses on personal injury, our attorneys can evaluate the strength of any claim for our clients or prospective clients in Nevada and can pursue or defend against those claims, where appropriate.

For questions regarding partnering with Neuman Anderson Grieco McKenney, P.C., on personal injury claims, please contact our Nevada office today!