Neuman Anderson’s Case Featured in Detroit News

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Neuman Anderson Partner Jennifer Grieco was recently interview by the Detroit News regarding the firm’s case against the City of Detroit concerning the constitutionality of its Animal Control Ordinance.

An excerpt from the article:

Attorneys for Detroit have pledged to rewrite the city’s Animal Control Ordinance after a federal judge said it lacks constitutional protections.

U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds was poised Wednesday to strike down a section of the ordinance that gives the city, animal control officers and the Detroit Police Department the authority to enter private property without a warrant and seize any animal for any suspected violation of animal control ordinances.

Jennifer Grieco, who represents residents suing the city, argued her focus was challenging the language of the ordinance that allows warrantless searches in private home and on private property with no consent or pressing circumstances.

The firm filed a motion for preliminary injunction seeking a finding that the City of Detroit ordinance 6-1-2(e) is unconstitutional “on its face” because it allows the City of Detroit Animal Control Officers to enter anyone’s home or property without a warrant, consent or exigent circumstances for the purpose of taking any animal it finds for any violation of the animal control ordinance, which includes such minor offenses as not having a $15 dog license or not keeping the dog restrained on the owner’s property.

After reviewing the briefing and hearing the oral argument, U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds agreed that the references section of the City of Detroit concerning the constitutionality of its Animal Control Ordinancee.

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